How to reduce your water and energy bill ?

When it comes to water, conservation and eliminating wasted water is the key.

Irrigation water can and must be used wisely. Adjusting sprinklers, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and close monitoring water usage is of course in order.  Swimming pool water leak due to damaged plumbing or cracked pool shell will require immediate attention. But even well maintained pools evaporate water and therefore when not in use pool must be covered with approved covers for both safety and water conservation reasons.

Condensate drains from air conditioning units may just fill the ticket.30 gallons container may be filled with this water within few days. It may just be enough to irrigate your lawn.

But what about farms? Every day more and more municipalities declare serious water shortage. Ground wells dry up due to high extraction, Rainy days are getting less and less, and even when rains, most of rain water just flows down through storm drains.

Some ideas about sea water de-salination sound good, but even if it is possible, delivering purified water to consumers throughout the country seems like quite a task.

To some extend, drip watering may not always be feasible due to large terrain.

How about external tanks? Small farms may get together and build their own rain water capture and storage. Evaporation umbrellas are used to reduce water loss. these umbrellas ( sheet plastic ) must be installed at least few inches above from earths surface, or they will limit proper air circulation and  roots will suffer. Morning dew will drip back on land. Penny worth cure for pound worth need.


Use as needed, don’t let appliances on unneeded and change to LED lighting.

The problem is , they don’t make LED refrigerators yet. Or LED Air Conditioners, or LED Swimming pool pumps.

Good news, Solar operating stand alone circulation  pumps are starting to show up. Is it Practical? Not just yet. Not enough water pressure to turn on water heater. Light circulation only, light filtration only,

Gas furnaces – you need heat, you need to turn it on. Gas is burnt, so is your cash.

Please feel free to comment with comments and propositions.

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